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Climb On! 1oz Bar Case(12)

Climb On! 1oz Bar Case(12)
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Never be far from the Bar. Use Climb On. Bar for painful splitting and deep skin issues. Pack Climb On. into cut or lesion like a second skin and leave on. Can be used on face and all over body as needed. Climb On! visionary recipe makes it the most powerful skin-aid on the market. That is why top rock climbers like Steph Davis anf Dean Potter use it as well as everyday folks that need extreme skin repair fast. Every ingredient in Climb On! was chosen to help our skin. Taken as a whole the recipe is unsurpassed. Climb On! Products are 100percent pure: free from petroleum products, preservatives, fillers, additives, or sensitizers and is fragrance free. Climb On! is to be applied to ripped tips , sunburn, windburns, cuts, rashes, mosquito bites, poison ivy, cold sores, eczema, psoriasis, cracked heels and cuticles, tissue nose, abrasions, rock rash--anything your skin needs help with. Always apply Climb On! before weathering the elements for maximum protection. One product does it all. Do not leave home without it.