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Beal Wall School 10.2mmX200m Green

Beal Wall School 10.2mmX200m Green
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This new rope was specifically developed for indoor use in climbing gyms. The small diameter allows children to gain better handling and confidence knowing that this rope is perfectly adapted to them. Thick sheath allows greater resistance to abrasion. The UNICORE process binds the sheath to the core of the rope preventing slippage.


UNICORE process eliminating sheath slippage.

Thick sheath offering better resistance to abrasion.

Thin diameter allowing better handling and knotability even by children.

USES: Traditional and Big Wall climbing.

Impact force: 8.4kN

Number of falls: 6

Sheath percentage: 40%

Weight per metre: 64 g

Storage time: 5 years

Lifetime in use: 10 years

Lifetime: 15 years