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Edelweiss Curve ARC 9.8mmX60m Unicore

Edelweiss Curve ARC 9.8mmX60m Unicore
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The Edelweiss Curve 9.8mm is a high performing and dependable rope. As an optimal single-rope for sport and trad climbing, the Curves performance characteristics have been optimized for fast progression to a higher level of climbing. The combination of a 9.8mm diameter, HD cover, and low impact force gives the Curve a desirable balance of handling, safety, and durability. Available with Unicore process and also with the ARC option, a bipattern weave that easily distinguishes the two halves of the rope.

Weight: 61 g/m

Impact force: 7.8kN

UIAA falls: 9

Dry treated option

Unicore Process

Mid Rope Indicator

CE and UIAA Certified

- Single Rope