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Grivel Light Machine Hammer w/ Easy

Grivel Light Machine Hammer w/ Easy
Item # 756043
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"Created for technical mountaineering and alpine climbing, The Light Machine quickly makes the transition from gully ice to postholing on the way to the summit. Equipped with the Easy Slider, a hand rest that slides to the top of the shaft when plunging your tools in snow or to the bottom when climbing to give extra hand support and grip. The Spring Leash keeps the tool tethered to your harness, making it impossible to lose. Its hot forged picks are rugged and durable and the Cyclops eye on the head of the axe allows easy racking on ice clippers, carabiners and adding leashes.

Weight: 555 grams 19.6 ounce

Length: 50cm

Mix Plus with Hammer or Adz option

CE Certified T Rated"