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Millet Opposite TRX 9/10- 80m Vert A16 Rope

Millet Opposite TRX 9/10- 80m Vert A16 Rope
Item # MIX1719VERT
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"This rope is anything but ordinary. Here, Millet wanted to implement an innovative concept thats based on an age-old technique. Reinterpreting the variable-diameter technique, the Opposite actually has two lengths with two distinct diameters. In a typical climbing session, there are two kinds of activity, says Michel Paccalet, ropes product manager. There are times when youll be working a project, with repeated falls that you dont try to avoid. Here, you belay the climber with the 10mm diameter, to further gain in robustness and to get back up more quickly to the move thats causing problems. Once you think youve got all the moves sorted, you start off from the ground and try to top out without falling. For this sequence, youll switch to the 9mm diameter and give yourself the best possible chance by using the lighter rope. A robust side, a light side, and with extremely fluid hand, this Opposite hits the spot with Millet athletes, such as Mathieu Bouyoud (9a): Its amazing how quickly you get used to it! Its easy to switch round so it doesnt always sustain wear on the same side. You protect the 9 by using the 10 during recces. That way, you protect the longevity of this safety line, which has your life between its fingers

WEIGHT PER METER : 56 / 69 g

IMPACT FORCE : 830 / 840 daN


EXTENSION : 36 / 35 %


Diameter : 9/10mm "