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Snow Peak GigaPower LI Stove

Snow Peak GigaPower LI Stove
Item # SPGS1000

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"The Snow Peak Giga Power Li Stove is a canister stove for backcountry cooking. Small, yet powerful, this little stove can boil water in two minutes and 30 seconds so you'll have dinner hot and ready in no time. The four-legged contraption is plenty sturdy for holding up a pot, plus it has a special purpose. Adjust the legs to the appropriate height for your canister and hook up the fuel hose. The style allows the canister to be secured upside down for liquid fuel injection power. Plus, if you're on unstable ground, one leg can be set longer than the others for a flat cook surface.

It fits perfectly in its carrying case

Easily attachable fuel

Adjustable flame with an output of 34,000 BTUs

Set up quick and boiling water just 2 1/2 minutes

Sturdy trivets and stable body can hold up larger pots and pans

Adjustable legs

Please note that stoves DO NOT include any fuel bottles or canisters pictured. "