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Kong H.M.S Classic Screwgate Polished

Kong H.M.S Classic Screwgate Polished
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Both the Classic and Napik HMS use large radius bar stock for smooth belay and rappels. Features the Kong patented Key Lock system for increased load capability. Screw gate or three-stage auto lock gate options. For standard use choose the Classic shape. Where lighter weight is desired choose the Napik with its sleeker and slightly smaller frame design.

Classic SG weight: 86 grams

Strength: 22kN

CE and UIAA Certified

A little bit more about Kong: KONG-Bonaiti is an old, but technologically advanced, Italian company, leader in the production of carabiners and a lot of other tools used for safety in climbing, rescue, caving, yachting and work at height. KONG s.p.a. started its production - where it is now - during 1977, but its history is much older, having rise in a mechanical workshop that Giuseppe Bonaiti set up in 1830 around Lecco - on Lake Como - with an engineering apparatus that was unusual for those times. In that plant, together with other stuff, started the production of those carabiners which brought world-wide fame to Bonaiti company and Kong.