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Environmental Statement

While some claim to recycle: We do our own recycling!

Instead of a new box like you will get from most companies, there is a 90% or more chance you will get a box that has been recycled from us that has already been used several times. We also do not waste paper to send you a packing list or receipt- instead we have gone "new age style" and your confirmation email acts as your receipt because the same information is in your email as would be on your packing list. You DO NOT need a paper receipt to return an item either (see our return policy for more information).

Additionally, we are life longer members of the Sierra Club. We also stress the fact that we want our customers to be warm, safe, and ready to go on their adventures, but we also want them to be aware and cautious of the environment around them. Please respect the environment and LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND as you adventure. We also ask our customers to practice this same policy in their daily lives. The environment should be enjoyed by everyone every day and the best way this can happen is if the environment is clean.

Let's preserve and clean our environment together.

Thank you for your business!

EverestGear Staff