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Singing Rock R44 10.5mmX200' White NFPA

Singing Rock R44 10.5mmX200' White NFPA
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ROUTE 44 is a new, unique technology invented and patented by SingingRock. For years, static ropes have been made with sheaths that use 48 yarns. This was fine in the past, but with thinner cores due to better materials, manufacturers needed to make the sheath thinner. In order to do this, many just used thinner yarn for the sheath. This just weakened the rope and it's durability. SingingRock decided to find a better way. The Route 44 technology allows 44 yarns to be woven into the core allowing for a better fit. Static rope made with ROUTE 44 technology is more compact, softer, has stable diameter, and above all: it is far stronger than any other European static line. NFPA Certified.