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Bridgedale Mens Heavyweight Merino Comfort Boot Anthracite

Bridgedale Mens Heavyweight Merino Comfort Boot Anthracite
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A boot sock for mountain hikers and walkers who enjoy the trails when the mercury plummets, the Explorer Merino Comfort provides all the support and warmth you need for cold-weather adventures. With thick cushioning for warmth, a soft-knit cuff for comfort and double density pads beneath your feet for all-day impact resistance. Featuring Merino Comfort Fusion Technology that creates a soft, fast-drying, unrestrictive and durable sock. Our Comfort Fit features a super stretchy ribbed cuff around your calf allowing the sock to be worn comfortably up or down. The toe box is closed with an almost invisible Flat Toe Seam minimising bulk around your toes whilst the sock is kept securely in place with an Elasticated Arch and 3D-shaped heel cup. Built on a structure of Lycra®, allows our Thermo Fit process to ensure the sock returns to its original shape and size after every wash. This is the perfect sock for exploring hills and mountains in sub-zero temperatures.

Comfort Fit

Moisture Management


Flat toe seam



Comfort Fit A casual knit allowing the cuff of the sock to comfortably fit calf or ankle, depending onthe model. They can be worn 'up or down' and are great for people with poor circulation or diabetes. These socks are best suited to all-day walking.

Heavyweight Very cosy! Incredibly soft and warm,providing excellent cushioning and protection.

Fibre Composition 30% Merino Wool , 45% Coolmax® / polyester , 24% Nylon / polyamide , 1% LYCRA® / elastane