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Edelweiss Flashlight II 10mmX40m Red/ Orange

Edelweiss Flashlight II 10mmX40m Red/ Orange
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"Flashlight rope is part of the Edelweiss Essential Line. A range of ropes developed for top performance at the right price. Flashlight 10mm is the go-to diameter for durability, ease of use and comfort of belaying. The Edelweiss Flashlight 10mm is made to be used and abused. It can take repeated lickings on long days of projecting and will come pack ticking the next day. The Flashlight sits right on the fine line between burley and thin single-ropes, making it a perfect rope for back to back beatings while keeping things light and fluid for the send. Choose the dry option for better resistance to water and abrasion.

Weight: 63 g/m

Impact force: 8.2kN

UIAA falls: 6

Mid Rope Indicator

CE and UIAA Certified - Single Rope"