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Edelweiss Lithum 8.5mmX60m Purple SE

Edelweiss Lithum 8.5mmX60m Purple SE
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The Edelweiss Lithium 8.5mm is built with outstanding durability and weight for alpine ice, snow and rock. For a half-rope, the Lithium has an extremely low impact force and very high UIAA fall rating. Beef up the rope even more with the Supereverdry option for unparalleled performance in wet and abrasive conditions. The Supereverdry treatment is polymerized onto the sheath and core fibers, making it highly water and abrasion resistant.

Weight: 48 g/m

Impact force: 5.6kN

UIAA falls: 12

UIAA Certified Water Repellent - Supereverdry

CE and UIAA Certified - Half rope