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Edelweiss Spirit 8.8X80M Yellow UC ED

Edelweiss Spirit 8.8X80M Yellow UC ED
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"The Edelweiss Spirit 8.8 mm rope is the perfect tool to reach ambitious climbing goals. This thin single rope combines an ultralight weight and a thick/durable sheath. In fact the rope is compact and strong, the best of 2 worlds. The spirit 8.8 mm is also certified as a half rope to be used in all mountaineering activities.

Weight: 51 g/m

Impact force: 8kN Single, 6kN Half

UIAA falls: 5 Single, 18 Half

ED = Everdry


CE and UIAA Certified - Single and Half

UNICORE: An astonishing process, bonding the sheath and core without affecting the rope’s suppleness. If the sheath is cut or torn, the core and sheath remain bonded together. With a standard rope, if the sheath is cut by abrasion over an edge, the sheath can slide and gather along the rope length, creating a potentially dangerous situation. With the UNICORE process, the sheath remains in place and the rope intact and fully functional.

TREATMENTS- EVERDRY: The sheath yarns of Everdry ropes are impregnated with Edelweiss' superior water resistant treatment. An Everdry rope is lighter in wet conditions, dries quicker, and doesn't stiffen in freezing temperatures. The treatment lengthens the life of the rope considerably with its abrasion resistant properties."