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Grivel Double Spring Leash w/ Rotor

Grivel Double Spring Leash w/ Rotor
Item # 758078
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Produced by Grivel since 1999 , the Double Spring Leash is an elastic sling system used to avoid losing tools when climbing on rock or ice. Great for anyone climbing without leases attached to their ice axes. Ultralight version for mountain use and version 2.0 with swivel Rotor for technical ice. The Double Spring is attached to the harness by a larks foot knot. Two ice axes can be attached with 2 small carabiners to the holes on the spike (max 750kg). Easily match on your tools without worrying about dropping one. The two sections are so elastic that they don't impede any movement and allow maximum arm extension when required. The Double Spring 2.0 with Rotor attaches to the harness with a carabiner eliminating twisting the leashes when switching hands.

Weight: Double Spring 105 grams 3.7 oz

Weight: Double Spring w/Rotor 130 grams 4.58 oz