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Grivel Helix Ice Screw Short 12cm

Grivel Helix Ice Screw Short 12cm
Item # 756792
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Grivelís easiest ice screw is now easier with an improved tooth cut that places even faster. Easy to get the first bite in the ice thanks to its symmetrical grip. Easy to screw in thanks to the handle on the grip. Easy to attach a carabiner thanks to the shape of the ring. Easy to carry on the rack with a carabiner, even several at a time. Youíll find that Helix has all the fantastic qualities usually found in a Grivel screw, the ones that have made them famous worldwide and the reference in ice screws. The huge technological capacity and large quantities of production allow Grivel to offer a high quality product at an extremely competitive price. You wonít find anything else on the market with the same quality/cost ratio.

Weight: 12CM 133 grams / 4.7 oz

Weight: 16CM 155 grams / 5.7 oz

Weight: 20CM 171 grams / 6.0 oz

CE Certified (16 and 20 cm)