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Grivel Jorasses 2 w/ Easy Slide 58cm

Grivel Jorasses 2 w/ Easy Slide 58cm
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"One-piece forged Chromolly steel head, hand-polished, with teeth along the entire length of the Neo-Classical pick. The modified reverse-curve inclination means the blade can be swung naturally, providing superb placement in varied types of ice. The blade is reinforced by a ""web"" that follows the strength lines. The ERGAL 7075 light alloy shaft corresponds to CE and UIAA norms. The included Easy Slider is a hand rest that can slide right to the tail end of the shaft when hand support is needed and can also slide right to the top end in walking mode; it supports the hand, protecting it from violent blows against the wall. An elastic sling system avoid losing tool when climbing on rock or ice. Jorasses is a well-balanced ice axe with a very efficient and economic swing. It is solidly built, sturdy enough for professional users; a modern guide's right hand. Or if you prefer French: ""Le vrai piolet du Guide.""

Chromolly Steel Blade

Weight: 495 grams 17.5 oz

CE Certified T UIAA"