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When we decided to build shoes we made the conscious choice to follow our own path. We looked long and hard at how shoes were made and saw ways we could do it better

Shoes should not inhibit you, whether on the trail or in the office. We set out to develop new technologies that enhance your experience, and also leave your feet less fatigued and ready to do it all again tomorrow. Over the years we’ve combined things like our proprietary HyperGrip and IceLock compounds with the best from trusted companies like Gore-Tex and BOA to bring you functionality that lasts.

And we didn’t stop there. We studied the shoe manufacturing process and set out to revolutionize it. By scanning thousands of feet we’ve created a last that… believe this… actually mimics the human foot, and NestFIT was born. With NestFIT your feet have finally found freedom and true comfort, no matter where the day takes you.

Slip into a pair of TrekStas and let your feet be the judge.