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What do you think of when you hear the name Stubai? Wonderful mountainranges, untouched hills, roaring glaciers, nature pure? The Valley of Stubai is not only known for its Tourism and hospitality. For more than 100 years the region is preffered to manufacture high quality products made from the best Steel available. Stubai Tooling Industries stands for Innovation, Quality and Saftey.

Partner throughout the whole World appreciate the high quality Standard tools made in Tyrol. The company´s cooperation within its members are quite unique and well successful beyond austrians borders. Stubai also stands for tradition.

Several thousand tons of steel are being processed annualy from 24 members of the Stubai Cooperation into high quality products for the Tooling- Industrie, Gardening- Industrie, Forging- Industrie and Mountaneering- Industrie before being sold throughout the Globe.

Stubai Ultralight Combi
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Stubai Ultralight Universal Crampons
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Stubai Tirol Combi
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