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Millet Everest Summit GTX Boots

Millet Everest Summit GTX Boots
Item # mig1260


*Coloration may vary* Saphir / rouge or Black/yellow, we ship whatever we have in stock: Millet tells us the boot is the same.

Expedition and mountaineering boot for high altitude and extremely cold conditions. The Everest has conquered all 14 mountains over 8,000m and also the Seven Summits- and has now had a makeover to ensure continued peak performance. With a newer sung, Alpine Fit, and even lighter (2lbs 15oz [measured with UK size 8, one boot].

How to Size Boots:

We ask that customers send us tracings of their feet so we can get you the right size. We have been doing this for 15+ years and have found that we are very accurate when we size you this way.

- Take out a piece of paper

- Stand on the paper (without socks) and trace the outside of your foot on the paper (if your foot is too long you can put your foot diagonally on the paper)

- Do this for both feet (especially if you have one foot bigger than the other)

- Take out a measuring tape and measure the longest length and the widest width and write this on the paper (this is in case of distortion when you send it to us)

- Please write on the paper: your name, phone number, what mountain you are climbing, and size you are in a hiking boot (please also include the brand)

- Then you can scan the papers and email them to us (

We will then cut out your tracings and slide them into the actual boots so we can see what size you are. After doing this, we will call you with your size and let you know. Please note: that depending on your mountain we do compensate for swelling with your sizing. We stock this boot year round.

Note: The blue boot's has a screen printed logo and the letters are very poorly applied and can come off easily. These are handmade. This does not affect the functionality of the boots. The yellow boot has different logoing and has no such issues.
Isothermal to -60degrees, alumninum innerboot, highthermicity PrimaLoft Insulation. Insole with insulated Aerogel structure. Polyethylene shell with polyester-aluminum lining, and waterprood GORE-TEXT gaiter.

Outer protective upper, Condura Superfabric, GORE-TEX. Internal retainer shell, Condura polyethylene, polyester-alumnium. Removable thermal innerboot: Primalost, Aerogel insole. Efficient closure: easy zip with velcro tab, Easy-quick fit inside tighteners. Foot support: glassfibre + carbon + microcellular midsole. Vibram mountaineering outside, compatibe with all crampin systems.

Increased crampon protection (higher on the inside of the foot to protect against nicks)

Honeycomb carbon fiber insole (lighter, stiffer, keeps the cold out better)

20% less weight than the old boot