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For almost 70 years the Magnusson family of Hestra, Sweden has been committed to producing the finest performance gloves available. Today, brothers Claes and Svante maintain the tradition started by their grandfather, Martin, back in 1936. Once you have had an opportunity to put your hands into a pair of Hestra Gloves it will be clear that you have found the quintessential performance handwear in the market today.

At Hestra, we take great pride in coupling the finest materials available with exacting patterns and construction. Leather has been, and remains, our favorite material for its combination of durability, water resistance, warmth and supple feel. We source the highest quality leathers from Scandinavia, Britain, France, Japan and USA . Because leather is a natural material there are vast levels of quality; Hestra uses only the best. Hestra gloves are manufactured in our own factory allowing us to maintain consistently the highest quality standards.