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Exped Hammock Trekking Tarp Green

Exped Hammock Trekking Tarp Green
Item # EX7513

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"Fits perfectly as a shelter over your hammock and equipment. The side with the two anchor points is tensioned to the ground and acts as a windshield. The pointed side offers views of the surroundings and a dry place for your belongings. In the event of bad weather, this side can be folded over and also lowered to the ground for protection.

Anchor points in the corners and on the underside of the tarp as well as integrated guy lines at the corners provide countless attachment options.

Sustainability always in mind, produce as little waste as possible: by optimizing the pattern, we achieved close to 100% the fabric consumption.

Capacity: 1 Person 2 Persons

Dimensions: 168.1 139 in

weight: 390 g

Packed size: 6.7 3.5 3.5 in

Season: 4-season

Warranty: 2 years"